September 27, 2018 Release Notes

View Sub Assets for any Asset ★

You can now view all sub-assets that belong to a parent asset from the asset detail screen. Simply click on the tab for "Sub Assets" then view them all! 

Skills Assessment Completion Date on History ★

When viewing an employee's history of a skills assessment, you can now see the date that each assessment was taken.

Dashboard Widget: My Assigned Work Orders

From the dashboard I can now add a new widget. This widget will show all work orders that are currently assigned to the user that they need to complete. 

Set Due Dates for Work Orders

You can now set due dates for work orders to make sure work gets done on time.

Work Order Alerts

We've added alerts to the work orders section of the system. Now, we will alert users assigned to work orders when they are 1 week out, 1 day out, 1 day past due, and 1 week past due.

Edit Dashboard Welcome Message ★

As an admin of an organization, you can now edit the dashboard widget's welcome message and customize it for your entire employee base. If they have the Welcome Widget, they will get your information. 

Export Form Responses ★

When looking at all responses to a form, you can now export all of those responses and who did them to excel. Hopefully this will give you interesting information.

Advanced Report Filtering 

On reports, you can now filter them more than just a simple search. Feel free to create generalized reports, and then filter them for your needs that day and get the information you care about most at that time, on the spot.

Dashboard Widget: Reporting

From the dashboard you can now add a new widget: A Report widget! This widget allows you to select a pre-defined report and display it on your dashboard for easy information when you're on the go.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • When selecting "today" on date inputs, it was selecting midnight, and not the current time.
  • We added little red asterisks next to required fields on OSHA input forms. We're not sure why they ran away, but they came back.
  • Unassigning and reassigning users to skills assessments was an absolute nightmare of a mess and it was the bane of Sydney's existence for a few days. We've fixed it. 
  • When updating training, it was not changing the overall training progress chart. We whipped it back into shape and it's working now.
  • There was an issue when you selected offline training notifications and it not going to the right tab. We've fixed this.
  • My training now has the signature back on it. It should have had that before but it was hiding from us.
  • The photos uploaded on work orders looked so nice . . . but the viewer was skipping every other one which was silly. We asked it to stop and it did.
  • User Import was having an issue with selecting the right role. We've fixed this issue (hopefully for good this time!).
  • The "Assign" training modal was living in an alternate reality. We've brought it back to this time and place and it works better now.
  • Code dates vs real dates is a thing. We've asked the code to properly only show real dates.
  • We made the link a link in the Password Reset email.
  • Also, when updating your password after resetting it, we now show you what the specifications need to be for it.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Safety.Forms
      • Safety.Forms.CanView
      • Safety.Forms.CanCreate
      • Safety.Forms.CanEdit
      • Safety.Forms.CanDelete
    • Maintenance.Forms
      • Maintenance.Forms.CanView
      • Maintenance.Forms.CanCreate
      • Maintenance.Forms.CanEdit
      • Maintenance.Forms.CanDelete
    • Quality.Forms
      • Quality.Forms.CanView
      • Quality.Forms.CanCreate
      • Quality.Forms.CanEdit
      • Quality.Forms.CanDelete





★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.