August 30, 2018 Release Notes

New Dataset Entities

We added two new entities to the datasets section of the system - Checklists and Assessments. You can now create datasets around both of these, as well as the entities already in the system. More entities = more data = more fun!

Chat Support

You can now chat with support when you're having an issue and we will answer your questions in real time. Next time, instead of putting a support ticket you can simply chat with us instead.

Work Order Photo Management

Taking, managing and deleting photos for any work order is a breeze! You can upload straight from your device, or if you're on mobile you can snap a picture of the issue. 

Updated Tag Printing ★

We've added the ability to set your own printing options for tags before you print them. This includes setting the size of the tags, whether you want multiple per page, and more! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Search all Training from My Training ★

In the "All Training" tab of the My Training page, you can now search all training materials. Hopefully you can find what you're looking for quicker now.

Quickly Create a Maintenance Request

From anywhere in the system, a maintenance request is only two clicks away. It will automatically associate an Asset with the Work Order if you're on an asset page, and you can take photos of any issues when you create it.

Add Activity & Complete Work Orders

You can now update activity in a work order and put in any notes for each status while you work on it. This also includes updating the Work Order Status section to include the ability to determine a "Completed" or "Finished" status, so we can mark it as closed within the system. (Coming soon: tracking time within the work order.)

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Creating or Editing Assets was having some trouble with the Other ID field and it was hurting the ability to easily add in your information. We've fixed this so Other ID is no longer required to be unique. That's what normal IDs are for.
  • There were some funky things going on with assigning and re-assigning training to a user. Sometimes they then had many of the same training to take. We've knocked this down to one to take every time and fixed our mistake.
  • If for some reason scanning a QR code fails, it would then fail every time after that, which is not good. We've fixed this issue.
  • When re-publishing training and selecting "Do Not Reassign" the system didn't listen and re-assigned anyway. We spoke to it sharply and now it's behaving.
  • Printing Tags was timing out due to large numbers of tags in the system. They no longer do that.
  • Pins are now treated like the royalty they are and are hidden from the regular viewing eye. (I.e. we made pins more secure looking.)
  • Large numbers of skills assessments was giving us kittens. Luckily we were able to nip that early and they stopped. 
  • On User Import from Excel, the Roles were not selecting correctly. Now they are! Try away Shiloh.
  • Export to PDF/Excel was not working on Internet Explorer (please stop using Internet Explorer) so we made some small tweaks.
  • Skills assessments were showing weirdly in the grid - especially if it'd been taken more than once. 
  • Field sizes for Vendor Contact were too small. We bought them big-boy pants and now they work just fine.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Maintenance.WorkOrders
      • Maintenance.WorkOrders.CanRequest





  ★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.