Assets - Custom Fields

1. Navigate to Custom Fields

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will need to click on the Custom Fields menu item under Admin in the left hand menu.

2. Add a new custom field for assets

Make sure you're under the Assets tab and then click on the Add New button on the right side of the screen.

3. Add custom field information and save

A dialog box will appear on the right side of the screen with several fields for you to customize the custom fields.

  • Name - This is the label/name for the custom field. For example; Date of Purchase, Serial Number, Cost, etc.
  • Help Text - This is text that will appear below the input when a user is filling out a custom field. You can use this to describe what the field is used for or to give other helpful tips so the user fills it out correctly.
  • Field Type - This is the type of custom field it will be. You may select from the following choices: Short Text (200 Character Limit), Long Text (1,000 Character Limit), Date, Number, True/False.
  • Format as Currency - This will only be displayed if the field type selected is Number.

4. All Done!

You have successfully created one or more custom fields for assets! You should now be able to see and edit their values (depending on your permissions) under the Additional Details tab located on the Asset Detail.