July 19, 2018 Release Notes

Vendor Management

As the beginning of our maintenance module, users can now enter in and manage vendors in the system. This includes notes and documents associated with Vendors.

Parts Management

In conjunction with Vendor Management, we've added in parts management. You can now manage specific parts, including the reorder point for parts, vendors and price by vendor, notes, documents and more. 

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The MySkills section stopped showing any assessments that users had taken when they were unassigned from that assessment. We've fixed this, so they show now.
  • The MySkills section was causing issues with the "notifications" tray. We told it to lay off, and now the issues are gone.
  • The Error pages thought we were playing hide and seek. We weren't. Now they aren't hiding.
  • The Reminders job wasn't running due to a change in user pins. It's running now.
  • There was an issue with users who were imported by Anna not showing up in the tags section. Anna fixed her mistake, and now all users are showing.
  • There was also an issue with users who were imported by Anna and resetting password. We've fixed that and banned Anna from importing users into the database. She will leave that to the dev team from now on.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Maintenance
      • Maintenance.Vendors
        • Maintenance.Vendors.CanView
        • Maintenance.Vendors.CanCreate
        • Maintenance.Vendors.CanEdit
        • Maintenance.Vendors.CanDelete
        • Maintenance.Vendors.Notes
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Notes.CanView
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Notes.CanCreate
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Notes.CanEdit
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Notes.CanDelete
        • Maintenance.Vendors.Documents
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Documents.CanView
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Documents.CanUpload
          • Maintenance.Vendors.Documents.CanDelete
      • Maintenance.Parts
        • Maintenance.Parts.CanCreate
        • Maintenance.Parts.CanView
        • Maintenance.Parts.CanEdit
        • Maintenance.Parts.CanDelete
        • Maintenance.Parts.Notes
          • Maintenance.Parts.Notes.CanView
          • Maintenance.Parts.Notes.CanCreate
          • Maintenance.Parts.Notes.CanEdit
          • Maintenance.Parts.Notes.CanDelete
        • Maintenance.Parts.Documents
          • Maintenance.Parts.Documents.CanView
          • Maintenance.Parts.Documents.CanUpload
          • Maintenance.Parts.Documents.CanDelete
        • Maintenance.Parts.Vendors
          • Maintenance.Parts.Vendors.CanView
          • Maintenance.Parts.Vendors.CanCreate
          • Maintenance.Parts.Vendors.CanEdit
          • Maintenance.Parts.Vendors.CanDelete