June 21, 2018 Release Notes

Taking Training UI Update ★

We've updated the design of the taking training page. The links, documents, and headers were somewhat confusing in the past, so we've refreshed the UI, made everything a littler simpler, and made distinctions between headers, links and documents. Not to mention, we now allow pdf, ppt, doc, excel and text documents to be viewed on the page.

Safety Forms

You may now create new Safety forms. These forms can be however you want them to be, and include things like text, dates, dropdowns, employee lists, and more. Only users with permissions will be able to create, edit and delete these forms, but all users will be able to take them. (See below.)

Forms Versions

Forms, much like the rest of the system, now have versions associated with them. Each time you publish a form, the version will increase by one. That way, you always know which version of a form someone has completed.

List of Users on Forms ★

As an added component on forms creation/editing, we've added the ability to have an organization wide employee list on the form. Now, when completing a form, employees can choose an employee from the list.

Dropdown list on Forms ★

Along with single choice and multiple choice answers on forms, you can now choose to use a dropdown list instead.

Complete Forms

You may now take or complete forms that have been published from the Safety menu item. These will be saved with the information chosen, the time and date of completion, and the user that completed the form. All users in the system can complete forms.

Log in with QR Code + Pin ★

From the login screen, you may now change how you wish to login. Users can still log in with their username/email and password, but for quicker access, users can scan their QR code for themselves, and input their pin number.

Emails are no longer necessary ★

As a feature request from our users, we no longer require users to have email addresses to gain access to the system. Their username must be unique, but the username does not have to be an email. (But if you want it to be, you totally can. By default they will be the same, but you can override this.)

Password Reset changes ★

We've updated the way that admins can change a user's password. Now, admins select to change the password, and are prompted to confirm that they want to reset the password. This provides a temporary password to the admin, and gives them the option to copy that password and provide it themselves to the user, or have an email sent with that password.

Skills Assessments Numbers Update ★

As was pointed out, we've changed the Skills Assessment section to be from 0 to 4, to 1 to 5 in order to comply with WCM standards.

Data Sets

As the first step towards customizable reporting, we have the ability to create, edit and delete data sets. Data sets now also allow you to publish and unpublish, as well as preview the data that will be returned.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Files larger than 25mb won't actually display on training. We've added some notices about this, and plan to put a permanent fix in in the future.
  • There were some errors regarding taking training in the last two weeks. As this is kind of a mission critical thing, we've fixed these issues.




★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.