Customizing the Dashboard

Login and change into customization mode

You have nearly unlimited options for customizing your dashboard! Below we'll walk you through the basics, but how you configure it is entirely up to you.

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will be immediately brought to your dashboard. From there, you can add a new dashboard by clicking on the options (...) button in the upper right corner and click on "New." This will bring up a popup for you to give a name and description to this dashboard.

You can also add or change a dashboard by going to Admin and then click on dashboards. To create a new dashboard, click on the create button in the top right corner. You will then follow the instructions as above. To change a dashboard, click on the desired dashboard and select "published" from the top right corner and select "yes". This will allow you edit your dashboard. Once finished, make sure to publish it so that you can select that as the dashboard you want from the dashboard's options menu.

Reordering the rows

If you want to change which rows of widgets show on top of others, you simply click and drag the up and down arrow located at the left hand side of any row. Drag the row up, or down.

NOTE: Any row that does not have a widget in it will not show when you leave customization mode, as shown below.

Show/Hide Available Widgets

When you're in customization mode, you can see a list of all available widgets and choose which ones you want to drag and drop onto your dashboard. To do so, click on the "Show Widgets" button in the top right corner. Then you can scroll horizontally through all available widgets and choose which one you want.

To hide the widgets when you're done, you can simply click the "Hide Widgets" button, and the display will disappear.

Choosing a widget and finding a good spot

Once you've picked a widget, you can move it around in any spot on the dashboard. Spots are denoted by dashed outlines within each row.

HINT: You can put more than one widget in any spot, and they will stack on top of each other.