April 12, 2018 Release Notes

Site Filtering ★

Due to having customers with multiple sites, we've implemented filtering the information by those sites/what you're allowed. Users can now see only information for the sites that they have permissions for, and that is set in their profile.

User Site Permissions

On the User Detail screen you can now set which Sites a user is allowed to see, and set which one is their default. 

Daily Training Questions

As the beginning to our rewards system to users, and part of our progressive framework, we have created the ability to setup and modify daily training questions from the Question bank questions. There are new securables for this, so make sure to check your roles!

Customizable Dashboard Framework

The customizable dashboard framework has arrived! You now have the ability to edit what you see on the dashboard. This includes a welcome message, weather widget and external links widget for now, but expect new widgets each sprint.

Weather Widget

You can add a weather widget to your dashboard! This will pull the weather information each hour for whichever zipcode you input.

External Links Widget

You can add an external links widget to the dashboard. These links are chosen and edited by an admin, but you can add the quick reference to them on your dashboard.

External Links Administration

From the Admin/Settings screen, you can choose which links you want to include in the External Links widget for the dashboard. These can be payroll systems, HR systems - anything you need that Noviqu may not provide yet.

Base Organization Settings

In the menu, you can expand Admin and see the Settings page. This is a new securable, so you may need to update your roles. In here, you can edit things about your organization, like the organization email, address or phone number!

Asset Enhancements ★

We added Manufacturer and Model to assets, so as to have a little more detailed information about the machinery within your facility.

Added Header to Checklists ★

You can now add a Header row into checklists by changing the type of item it is. This allows you to keep groups of checklist items in one checklist together.

Added Second Signature to Checklists ★

Although you already have the ability to add a signature on a checklist, you now can require two signatures. The second signer must input their name along with their signature.

Hire Date on Users ★

For HR and reporting reasons, we added a Hire Date to all users so you can track their longevity with the company.

Checklist Reminders Job

We created a job that will run and send reminders for checklists before they are due based on the settings provided for each checklist. You shouldn't notice this unless you get a notification!

Checklist Past Occurrences Job

We also created a job that runs in the background and will create an occurrence for a checklist if it is past due and can no longer be taken. You shouldn't notice this job either, but if a checklist is missed, you'll see this record.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following things:

  • There was an issue with the Json Serialization of the Training Materials. Some of our customers have a ton of training in the system, and apparently Json had enough. It's okay. We've upped the tolerance. 
  • We had an issue with comparing dates in the database that were more than so many milliseconds apart. We realized it was silly to compare by millisecond, and now compare by minutes. This is better.
  • UserType didn't have a filter on the User Index. That was weird so we added it.
  • The notification circle was a little hard to notice. It's now darker/more noticeable. Thank you for noticing it.
  • There was a bug with the Color Picker on categories that didn't update the right side if you picked a color. This is fixed.
  • Training was erroring when scoring. We fixed it. It now scores correctly.
  • The Anti-Forgery Cookie wasn't fully baked. It's yummy now.
  • We fixed an issue with training being assigned and the activity that went with that.
  • Questions that were re-order types were sometimes being randomized to be in the correct order on page load. We've fixed it to where they will never be in the correct order on page load.
  • Uploading Videos/Documents in Edge gave us kittens. We found good homes for them, then fixed the issue.
  • There was an issue with recurring checklists and it not creating the first occurrence. It now does and Anna is a happy developer.
  • Sometimes we went searching for training and then we lost it. It's okay though, we've found it now, and the bug that created the lost training has been squashed.
  • We encountered an issue with downloading files. The issue no longer exists.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Admin.Settings
      • Admin.Settings.CanView
      • Admin.Settings.CanCreate
      • Admin.Settings.CanEdit
      • Admin.Settings.CanDelete
    • Training.Assessment
      • Training.Assessment.CanView
      • Training.Assessment.CanCreate
      • Training.Assessment.CanEdit
      • Training.Assessment.CanDelete
    • DailyTraining
      • DailyTraining.CanView
      • DailyTraining.CanCreate



★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.