List Manager Overview

The List Manager is a place where administrators can manage several different lists within the system. A few of these lists are:

  • Asset Types - Contains a list of asset types (equipment types) that can be used when selecting creating/editing an asset. Examples would be labeler, CNC Machine, etc.
  • User Shifts - This list is where you can manage the number of shifts that exist for your organization. This is useful for grouping of users by shift. 
  • User Cost Centers - Similar to user shifts this is another way to group users.

These lists are all managed in a similar way. As long as you have permissions to access the lists you can view them by navigating to the List Manager under the Admin menu item on the left-hand side.

Once, you have navigated to the List Manager, you can select the list that you need to manage. In this example, we will be updating Cost Centers. 

There are several things you can do from here. 

  • In case of a very large dataset, you can use the Search box to filter down by name. 
  • Add a new item by clicking the Add New button on the top right. 
  • Or Edit/Delete existing items by clicking on the respective action button for the item you would like to manage. H

Here we are going to add a new Cost Center for Human resources. 

And that is it!