March 15, 2018 Release Notes

Email Notifications

Besides being alerted within the application, you can now receive email notifications when things happen within the system. It will alert the email associated with your user account (can be viewed within your user profile).

Text Notifications

Along with the new email notifications, if you have a phone number set up in your profile, we can hound you via text. Never miss a beat - Noviqu! But seriously, if you put a valid 10-digit phone number into your user profile and turn text notifications on, we will buzz you.

Updated User Information ★

You can now set and change a user's Shift and Cost Center. Along with this, in the list manager you can now manage the Shift list, and the Cost Center list. This will definitely come in handy for reporting purposes.

New Quiz Question Type ★

Single Choice and Multiple Choice questions are great - but now you can have an Ordered question type. Users will have to put the answers in the correct order to get points for the question. You can now add this type of question in the Training Material Edit page, as well as take the training associated with those types of questions as a user.

Question Bank

We have created a new Question Bank section within Ensight. Here, you can create, edit and tweak a bank of questions. These questions will be using in multiple ways - including the progressive training/daily training question (see next sprint). 

Create Checklists

You can now create and edit checklists. These are pretty simple and straight-forward with the ability to assign the to Areas and Assets - and set reminders as well! This means that we did update permissions in the database, so Managers can now have the option to be able to manage these or not. (Ability to complete checklists coming next sprint.)

Bug Fixes

As always, we did a variety of bug fixes/small tweaks to the code to make it better. If you logged an error over the last two weeks, you definitely helped us out so thank you for that! Some of the fixes we did include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Uploading documents/images with special characters broke some things. So we've fixed it so that the names don't break functionality.
  • We've updated the buttons/menu to only show what's relevant to the user logged in. If you don't have rights to view the Admin stuff, Admin won't show in your menu anymore.
  • We found an issue (or three) with saving training with quizzes. Those issues have been rectified.
  • A handful of "saving" issues happened when users tried to edit training materials this past sprint. Sometimes it was documents, other times it was links. We traced each issue and fixed it.
  • Previewing Training was weird. It's less weird now.
  • My Training was showing multiple of the same training (and the same occurrence) when you loaded the tab. We've fixed it to only show the next/most recent occurrence instead. This should hopefully get rid of some of the confusion there.
  • We broke the published filter on the Training Materials grid. Then we fixed it.
  • Some users experienced data upload issues -specifically with videos. Now videos have less issues, and we have some ideas on how to make the uploading process that much better.
  • There was one small issue with text pasted in from Microsoft Word. We've made this issue better and you can now paste from word to your heart's content.



★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.