February 28, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Styles

When we originally created the application, we thought less is more and smaller is better. We were wrong. Now we've spaced things out more, made the font bigger and easier to read, and brightened up the colors. Overall, it's just kinda prettier. In short: we gave the application a makeover.

Added Activity Logging and Logs

We started keeping track of all activity surrounding Users, Sites, Assets and Areas and saving those in the database. Then, we display the activities on the detail page of any of those things. So now you can see what your users have been up to, and what's going on with those machines. The things we are tracking currently are just the beginning, so if you have any suggestions on what would be helpful/cool to track - send them our way.

More Precise Creating of Training Occurrences

We did some more, extra special updates to the way we create Training Occurrences and fixed some bugs/issues with how it was working. This should be more stable now and if it's not, we blame Austin.

Publish Column on Training Materials ★

Now you can tell whether a training course is published or not without having to go in and look at it. Yay!

Performance Enhancements

Sometimes we feel things run slow, so we make them run faster. In this case, we did some enhancements to the way steps load in the Training Materials Editing, as well as some other general speed improvements

Confirmation of Unpublishing

When you want to un-publish training, we now require a second step (confirmation) that you understand what you're doing so as to clear any confusion. We also made the button red to scare anyone who may get click happy.

One-click Saving on Training Materials ★

Instead of having to save each individual component when you make a change, we have taken all of those clicks away. Now, once you make a single change, you will see a confirmation at the bottom. Make all the changes you want, and then click that button to save all of you new information. One click. More time to do other things.

List of Users who are not assigned, but have taken training

We struggled with what to do with those users who are taking training not assigned to them, but then we figured it out. They now show underneath the assigned users in their own grid on the Training Detail page.

Assigning Users to Training Enhancements

When assigning users to a training from the Training Overview or Training Detail screens, we've provided some updates. Now, you can assign, and unassign users who are not already default assigned to the training due to their area or role. Other users will show in the list, and you can check them to add them, and un-check them to remove them from being required to take the training.

Added Estimated Time to Complete to Training ★

You can now put in an estimation of how long a training course should take a user. This will help them know how long they should budget for, and you to know whether your estimation is right.

Added Time User actually takes Training ★

As a user takes training, we track how much time they spend on the training as a whole and store that in the database. Now you can tell exactly how long it's taking a user to go through training instead of guessing.

Updated Scoring

Per your feedback (thank you for that), we updated the way we calculate scores on quizzes. If there are points, we will do an "all or nothing" score for that question. If there are no points, it will be worth 1 point. Again, thanks for the fantastic feedback on this one.


We have added the notification engine to the application. Users will now be notified in-app of any training they are assigned to. (And we will add to this as we build out new things.) They can dismiss these notifications/mark them as read. Also, from the user profile, they can update their notification preferences for email and text alerts. While the engine to actually email and text them hasn't been built, these settings will determine if they get those or not.

Various Bug Fixes

As usual, we did a bunch of small bug fixes to make it less buggy. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • If the training is not published, we remove the "Assign" button from the Training Materials overview screen
  • We no longer allow you to change anything about a training - not the name, steps, etc. unless it's un-published.
  • If there is no quiz to take, it was erroring on taking training. We've fixed this. Feel free to have training without a quiz.
  • We temporarily introduced a bug that did not allow you delete a portion of the training. This has been rectified. Delete away!



★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.