February 2021 Updates

Welcome to the February release notes. This release was a little slow to be released but still packed full of awesome stuff. 

View all inputs of a workflow step in the workflow grid.

Now from the workflow detail screen you can see all step inputs in the grid as well as export the grid to a comma delimited file (CSV). To learn more click here.

Combined the Offline and assignments tab into one grid.

This is a big one. In the past you had to assign offline assignments in a different tab and now you just have one assignment tab to view all assignments and assign both online and offline.

Ability to re-assign lessons to a user who didn't pass the assignment.

Now with rules for lessons you can specify if a user doesn't get a certain score, gets a specific question wrong, or other situations that they will automatically be re-assigned the training for them to take again.

Other things!

  • All date pickers are now formatted as mm/dd/yyyy instead of yyyy/mm/dd. 
  • Added the ability to delete offline assignments. Oops!
  • Limited the number of notifications that can be displayed to 250.
  • Bug Fix: Unable to complete an assessment with just one WCM question type.
  • Bug Fix: When adding more than one Yes/No question in the lesson edit screen it would blank them all out.
  • Bug Fix: When setting a filter to view all lessons not all lessons were displayed.
  • Bug Fix: Issues with lesson management on the course detail page.
  • Miscellaneous UI tweaks.