Noviqu allows you to upload and categorize documents throughout the system. A few places you can upload documents are:

  • Assets
  • Areas
  • Sites
  • Maintenance Parts
  • Users
  • Vendors

For the purposes of this we will look at the assets document tab. 

Permissions to view, upload, edit, and delete documents. 

First you have to have permissions to manage documents in the system. In order to manage this navigate to the Admin -> Roles -> View Permissions section.

 Uploading a document. 

Now if you navigate to the document tab of the item you want view you can click the upload button.

Viewing a Document

You can now view certain document types in Noviqu, either a windowed pop-up or full page. The file types that we support are images, pdfs, spreadsheets, word documents, PowerPoints, and more.

Editing and Deleting a document

You can edit the categories and remove the entire document.