December 2020 Maintenance Release

Over the last year we have received a lot of feedback regarding the maintenance module and work order screens. Today we are proud to announce the release of many updates to maintenance.

An entirely new maintenance dashboard!

We completely revamped our maintenance dashboard to be more informative and graphical.

Informational Cards Along The Top

  • Open Work Orders: This car displays the total number of work orders that are in any status that isn't marked as the Complete Status
  • Part Cost: Displays the total part case of the selected time frame. The default is "This Month" but clicking the dropdown arrow will display more options.
  • Time Tracked: Displays the total amount of time tracked in the selected time frame. Just like Part Cost you can select the dropdown and select different time frames.
  • Complete Work Orders: The last card displays the total of completed work orders in the selected time frame.

Advanced Filtering

We have added more advanced filtering and sorting options

  • Global Search that searches across many of the data points displayed in the grid. 
  • Filter by Statuses. By default we are not displaying any completed work orders. 
  • Filter down to only the priorities you want to see.
  • Sites, Areas, and Assets filtering allows you to look at specific locations and equipment to see what work orders exist. 
  • Sorting now gives you more advanced sorting features. The detail sorts by the date the work order was created. 

Revamped Grid

We completely revamped the grid to display the information in a way that is easier on the eyes. A few features are:

  • Drag and drop columns to reorder the data in a way that is more beneficial to you.
  • User Profile images for who is assigned
  • Categories are displayed in their color
  • Resize columns how you see fit.

You can now add categories to work orders

In addition to having work order types you can now utilize our global categories as a way of multi-tagging work orders. 

Managing Categories

To manage the categories just go to the Admin/Categories section (Note you must have permissions to access this).

Adding Categories to New and Existing Work Orders

Adding categories to an existing work order or selecting categories for a new work order is extremely easy. From the Work Order All page just select "+ Create" or from the work order detail page click the pencil icon and you can select the categories you want from the pop-out. 

Work instructions

We have now added the ability to type in work instructions for a work order!

Part location displayed on the work order

We have added the ability to see the site and area of where a part is located.

Additional updates but no less important

Here is a list of additional updates that have been released.

  • From the vendor tab on the part detail screen you can now leave a note and a web link (URL).
  • The work order data set now includes Total Time, Part Cost, and Categories as fields that can be displayed.
  • The ability to limit the work order dashboard screen to just ones that are assigned to the person vs seeing them all. 
    • From the Admin/Role screen click "View Permissions" on the role you want to update and select the appropriate permission.
      • Can View Assigned: Only display work orders that person is assigned to. 
      • Can View All: Show all work orders.