Personnel- Groups

1. Navigate to Personnel

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will need to click on the personnel menu item in the left hand tab and select groups.

2. Create Group

To create a group, select create from the top right corner. Fill in the information and select create at the bottom right.

3. Edit group

To edit a group, select the group box you would like to change. Click on the pencil icon next to the group name. Here you can edit the name, description, and dashboard associated with this group.


4. Add Users to group

To add users, select the group box you wish to add. Select add users. You can scroll through and click on the users or you can search by user name. Once finished, select save.

5. Remove Users

To remove a user, click remove from the right side of the user.

6. Delete Group

To delete a group, click on the group you wish to remove. Then, select the options (...) from the top right corner and select delete.