March 3, 2019 Release Notes

View Six-Digit QR Codes for Employees ★

From the Admin/Users screen, and the individual employee's detail screen, you can now see each employee's QR Code information. From the simple six-digit code on the overview, to being able to see and download the individual's specific QR code, you can now get that information for employees easier than before.

Quick Parts Creation ★

From the Parts overview screen, you'll now be able to create your parts quicker, and with all of the information. We've added the ability to create new parts with the Site, Area and Quantity in stock currently straight from that create modal, plus, a quick "Create and Add Another" button exists, so no more redirecting, just inputting. Quick. Easy.

Custom Fields for Users Update

We have added an extra field to the Custom Fields for users. Under the Admin/Custom Fields section of the system, you can now select a checkbox for "Show in Employee Profile". Checking this allows those custom fields to be viewed not just from the Admin screen where they currently are, but from the employee's point of view as well. 

Employees can see their Custom Fields from their Profile ★

When going to an employee's own profile (from the top right menu), they can now see - but not edit! - any of the custom fields that admins have allowed them to see. That way all information that needs to be can be transparent between management and personnel. 

QR Code Scanning Update

We've done a bit of updating to our QR code scanner! Now, whenever it registers the QR code in the camera, a red outline appears around it so you know it's working! From there, it'll load and voila! Scanned asset.

Personnel: Groups

As the first step in an update to the personnel and users in our system, we've added the ability to create and modify groups in the system. By grouping employees, you have the ability to view and set expectations for a group of people at a time - and not by role. 

Note that in the future, groups will be utilized for assigning training, work orders, and a variety of other things. If you have any questions about groups, feel free to reach out to Anna!

Workflows [Preview]

Possibly the most exciting thing we've launched in a while, is the preview of the workflow management module. Workflows are a completely customizable, dynamic part of the system that allows you to create and maintain work that isn't just a straightforward report/collection of data. 

This can be used for processes like Safety Incidents, and follow-ups that have to happen, or production schedules/job information. It can be used for the process of putting your kids to bed for all I care. :) Test it out - the month of March (and part of April) is free to preview it, and it will be available for purchase in lat April early May.