January 5, 2019 Release Notes

Set the order of Asset Custom Fields ★

When updating the Custom Fields for an Asset, you can now also change the order of those fields by clicking and dragging them in the order you want.

Deleting a Work Order

If you happen to make a work order on accident and you don't want to keep it, you can now delete the evidence and no one but the employees at Noviqu will ever be the wiser.

Export all Assets ★

In an effort to keep all of your systems in check, you can now export all of your assets to excel with the click of a button.

Merge Work Orders ★

If two work orders end up being the same issue, no problem. Simply merge the two together to create one, mega-work order with all of the activity, photos and information in one place.

See Training Details from User Profile ★

Much like how you can from the Training Detail page, you can now view the details of any completed training from an employee's User page. 

Logic on the Toggle Component on Forms

Similar to how logic works on a multiple choice component, you can also add child sections and logic to the toggle component on forms.

Notification to Managers when Employees have past due training ★

When an employee has past due training, a manager can now get a notification. This notification will let them send a reminder to the employee to finish the training.

Changes to Permissions:

  • Added
    • Maintenance.WorkOrders.CanMerge
    • Asset.CanExport






★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.