November 25, 2018 Release Notes

Work Orders: Manually enter time worked ★

Beyond being able to track time using a time and adjust that time, we've added the ability to manually select the amount of time worked and track it against any work order. All the time is trackable now!

Work Orders: Enter the Estimated Time ★

Put in how long you think a work order will take with this handy new feature.

User Documents

You can now upload documents - similar to how it's done on Assets - to users. This could be their employee paperwork, written agreements or anything you need to store for that user. One place.

Updated WYSIWYG Editor for Forms Instructions

The old "Instructions Component - while able to function correctly - wasn't that pretty. We've updated it with a new look and feel, that's a bit more intuitive and user friendly. Instruct away!

Track Parts with Assets ★

Parts and Assets now have a formal tie! You can tie parts to as many assets as you want, and assets can have as many parts as you want. Win win!

Time spent on Offline Training ★

Tracking offline training just got better! You can now manage the amount of time spent in Offline training, and have that show for employees. 

Show Roles assigned to Training Materials ★

From the Training Material overview you can now see all roles assigned to training, and sort and filter by those.

Training not assign to current roles ★

Per a request, when you publish a new training for the first time that has a role associated with you, you'll have the option to assign to users currently in that role, or not. 

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. 

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Admin.Users.Documents
      • Admin.Users.Documents.CanView
      • Admin.Users.Documents.CanEdit
      • Admin.Users.Documents.CanUpload
      • Admin.Users.Documents.CanDelete





★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.