February 1, 2018 Release Notes

Updated Areas Hierarchy

We updated the way Areas are navigated to through the system. Before they were hidden under Admin, and really only Managers had a way to access these. Now they are more accessible to everything.


  • We updated all permissions to reflect this new change. Now Areas are their own thing, and both Manager User types and User User types have access to them.

Created Training Occurrence Job

We added a snazzy process that will run in the background and you will never see that creates and updates training occurrences for users based on the recurrence set on the training material. Trust us on this one, it's pretty cool, even though you never see it.

Support, Feature Requests and Other Helpdesk Integration

We have integrated in a new helpdesk system to get you the answers to all of your questions. (Granted, the content isn't fully built out yet. . . but baby steps.) The following are the new ways in which you can utilize this:

  • http://ensight-help.noviqu.com
    This is our knowledge base with information you can utilize to better understand how the system works. This is also where you are right now, looking at these release notes.
  • The "?" circle within the application
    This allows you to search the knowledge base from the page your on for answers to your questions. And if you don't find anything, you can send a message and we'll get right back to you.
  • The "Features Request" button within the application
    This allows you to send us a message with a cool idea/feature you'd like to see implemented inside of Noviqu.
  • Support@noviqu.com
    Send us an email with your questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Features@noviqu.com
    Have an idea for something cool within the system? You can send us an email and we will add it to our list. 
  • https://trello.com/b/jb8ICSde/feature-requests
    Our features request board. Here you can see all feature requests, as well as which ones we're working on, and which ones are done.

Added an "Other Id" to Assets

Originally a feature request, we have added a field for an "Other" or "External" Identifier to each Asset in the system. This allows you to quickly and easily tie Assets to any other system.

View Training Detail

You can now view the details of a Training Material. This means you can see how well it's performing, which users have taken it and which haven't, and assign/edit the training from the detail page.

Receive/Complete Training 

An important feature in the system; users can now take/complete training from the training materials. This means they can step through training, and take the quiz. It will calculate the score and all this information will be accessible from the My Training page.

View Employee's Profile

As a manger, you can now view an employee's profile. This means you have access to see their activity, their training, and lots of other things.

View My Own Profile

Another important feature in the system: Users can now view their own profile. This gives them access to be able to change their own profile picture, update their password, and more! 

Updated Dashboard

When you logged in before you were greeted by a blank screen. Now your Dashboard has a placeholder that essentially is telling you you will have a dashboard eventually but that hasn't been built.

Fixed Viewing of Question Answers on Training Materials

There was this annoying little bug that wouldn't show you the correct answer to the questions on a screen except the last one . . . but only if all of the questions were single choice. Weird. I know. But it's fixed now.

Menu Flickering

Sometimes when you loaded a page, the menu would flicker - like a ghost that wants you to know they're there. The menu is more sure of itself now, and no longer flickers.

Notes Re-Ordering

When saving a note on an Asset, Location, Area or User, the notes would reorder themselves in strange orders. We've fixed this. Now all of the notes know their place and stay put.