November 10, 2018 Release Notes

Forms: New "Personnel" type ★

Much like the forms in Safety, Quality and Maintenance, you can now create and manage forms for Personnel. Performance reviews, suggestions - whatever you need!

Forms: Asset selection component ★

When creating a form, you may now add the new asset selection component. This allows employees to either scan or select an asset from the list when completing the form.

Forms: Default notification when complete ★

When creating a form, you may select which user(s) should get notified when it's completed. This can be just one or many.

Forms: Select who to notify when complete ★

When creating a form, you may now add the new notification component. This allows employees to select which person should be notified when the form is completed.

Forms: Duplicate

You may now duplicate any form that you have. Twice as many forms means twice as much gets done, right?

Skills Assessments: Duplicate ★

Like Forms, you may now duplicate any skills assessment that you have.

Checklist: Duplicate

Like Forms and Skills Assessments, you can also duplicate any checklist you have.

Work Orders: Duplicate

You guessed it, like Forms, Skills Assessments and Checklists, you can also duplicate any work order.

Work Orders: Create recurring/scheduled work orders

Work Orders can now be put on a schedule! Whether you want them to happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - we can make that happen for you.

Work Orders: Manually adjust time worked ★

When working on a work order, you can now adjust the time that's been tracked in case you made a mistake.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Sometimes a user's TagId was duplicated and then they had trouble logging in/seeing the right stuff. We've fixed that, and now everyone truly is a unique butterfly.
  • iOS was having issues. In general. Apple products man. It's okay though, because Austin fixed it.
  • Sometimes the history for Skills Assessment wasn't showing up for users. Now it's there.
  • We were showing all users in the system in some dropdowns, regardless of whether they are active or not. We've changed this now. Only active users will show up.
  • Sometimes uppercase and lowercase letters were throwing our User import off. We've now streamlined the process so it doesn't happen again.
  • When deleting a role, we had to make sure it took that role from all Training Materials it was assigned to.
  • On Asset Details, Training of different versions was showing up twice. We made only the most recent version show up now.
  • Timezones/time should show in your current time zone on your browser.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Personnel
      • Personnel.Forms
        • Personnel.Forms.CanView
        • Personnel.Forms.CanCreate
        • Personnel.Forms.CanEdit
        • Personnel.Forms.CanDelete
    • Maintenance.WorkOrders.CanEditTime





★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.