January 18, 2018 Release Notes

Updated User Types

We realized that there needs to be an easy way for both customers and Noviqu to distinguish between paid users and non-paid users, so we have updated the UserTypes to handle this. When adding or editing an employee, you may now differentiate between Manager and User.

  • Manager Type
    This type is a paid user. To calculate how many managers/paid accounts you have per month, we will use the total number of employees that are set to this user type.
  • User Type
    This type is the free user. Anyone with this user type will be free in the system.


  • We have updated all current roles/users/types in the database, so you should see no real change, other than the ability to change a Role’s UserType, as well as setting that UserType on an employee.
  • Not all roles are in both Managers and Floor Users

Ability to Manage Asset Types

While on-site, we grasped the need to edit Asset Types in the system. We have added a Lookup List section, where anyone with the permissions can create, edit and delete Asset Types. This will later be expanded to include other lists.

Added a Training Preview

We added the ability to “Preview” training materials while creating them. You can see a similar view to what the employee will see when they take training – just in case you want to check it before you publish it.

Ability to Print a Tag

I guess it’s kind of important to be able to print a tag (QR Code) for important things. We added a button the detail of any of the following to allow you to print just that one QR Code. (Functionality to come in the future to print all of them.)

  • Assets
  • Areas
  •  Sites

Added My Training Page

We created a page for Users to go to see their own training overview. This shows them all their assigned training, as well as all completed training, and all training in the system. From this page they can see their scores breakdown by category, as well start taking training assigned to them.

Added Reports to Field on Users

We added in the ability to note which user reports to another user. Then the manager users will be able to see only users that report to him/her in the User Overview.


  • We have updated all current users in the system with their boss/reports to field from the user file we got from you.

Updated "Single" and "Multiple" to "Single Choice" and "Multiple Choice" for Questions

We realized how confusing just a simple “single” vs “multiple was, so in an attempt to be clearer that we mean the user may select either a single choice or multiple choices, we changed the verbiage. Hopefully this is nicer.

Ordered all Dropdowns and Grids by Name

I mean guys, we should have done this in the first place. But now at least its in alphabetical order instead of willy-nilly. Hopefully this increases efficiencies for inputting things in the system.

Made Images Mobile-Responsive in Training

Now they will not look silly on a phone. Yay!

Added Filtering to Grids

This is going to make finding what you need to find a lot easier. Now you can select specific types in Assets, or only look at specific groups of things based on filtering.

Hide/Show buttons based on Permissions

Now users will truly only see/will not see what they are allowed or not allowed to see. This makes the probability of someone trying to do something they can’t a lot slimmer.

Second User Editing Issue

There was some weird issue where if you edited a second user from the users screen it would actually show the first user’s information, which is annoying and buggy. We’ve fixed this.

Missing Asset Types

For some reason – and I’m not naming names, Anna – there were missing Asset Types for some of the assets. Turns out this is due to a copy/paste issue and new lines, and well. Now they aren’t missing.

Inactivity Logout

The system was logging us out after so much time because we were inactive. We’ve bummed the session state to 90 days, meaning users can stay logged in for three months without having to log back in.

User Create Image Issue

There was an issue adding an image to a user when you first created them. Now there is no issue.

Inactivity Logout/Login Redirect Issue

If the system logged you out, and you tried to log back in right away, it was trying to redirect you to logout again. This was bad. We fixed it so it doesn’t do that.

Moved Areas to their own thing

Before, Areas were under the Admin menu. But this doesn’t work if we want floor users to be able to scan a QR code and view stuff for an area. So we moved it into it’s own home, and now it’s a lot like Assets.

Changes to Permissions/Securables:

  • Added
    • Admin.ListManager
      • Admin.ListManager.CanCreate
      • Admin.ListManager.CanView
      • Admin.ListManager.CanDelete
      • Admin.ListManager.CanEdit
    • Training.CanAssign
    • Admin.Users.CanViewAll
  • Duplicated for new User Type
    • Asset
      • Asset.CanView
      • Asset.Documents
        • Asset.Documents.CanView
      • Asset.Notes
        • Asset.Notes.CanView
        • Asset.Notes.CanCreate
    • Areas
      • Areas.CanView
      • Areas.Documents
        • Areas.Documents.CanView
      • Areas.Notes
        • Areas.Notes.CanView
        • Areas.Notes.CanCreate
    • Training
      • Training.MyTraining