October 27, 2018 Release Notes

View Total Time Tracked on Work Orders

When looking at all work orders, or from the work order's detail page, you can now see the exact amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds a work order has time tracked against it for. Go crazy knowing all the information!

Import Reports To, Cost Center & User Shift on User Import ★

When Importing Users, you can now add who they Report To (via the email address of the user they report to), the user's Cost Center, and their Shift. Hopefully this will help with keeping information in sync.

Upload Photos on Form Completion ★

When completing a form, we've added a new component for uploading an image. It's pretty cool.

Create Instruction Blocks on Forms ★

Also as an update to Forms, we've added the ability to create instruction blocks in the system. You can now provide image and text instructions for form completion.

View Skills Assessment Comments (As Manager)

When reviewing an employee's skills assessments, managers can now see any comments that employees put in while they are completing them.

Log In with Google Credentials ★

You can now log in and connect your Noviqu Credentials with your Google Credentials. This will allow for quicker easier, faster logging in.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some smaller (and sometimes larger) things we update/change along the way. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • When a manager reviewed a skills assessment but didn't need to change anything, there wasn't a proper change of status. We've fixed that now.
  • Skills Assessments had a viewing issue on iOS. It not longer happens.
  • When a user is imported it wasn't importing the titles correctly. Now it handles titles like a champ.
  • Due Date was missing from Training on Reports.





★ denotes a feature that was requested by our customers. We want to make the system the best it can be, and want to utilize your thoughts to build the best system we can.