Assets - Tab on Details

1. Navigate to Assets.

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will need to click assets.

2. Explanation of tabs on detail. 

There are eight different tabs- Activity, Additional Details, Sub Assets, Parts, Training, Checklists, Forms, Notes, and Documents.

 Activity - This shows all activity that has been done on an asset.

Additional Details - This shows an extra information not included in the original details.

Sub Assets -  This shows any assets that are used with the parent asset. 

Parts - This shows what parts are attached to the asset.

Training - This shows any training required for an asset. 

Checklists - This shows any checklist that needs to be completed with use of an asset. 

Forms - This shows any form that can be used with an asset. 

Notes - Any additional notes that need to be left about an asset can be documented here.

Documents - Any additional documentation for an asset can be uploaded here.