User - Tabs on Detail

1. Navigate to Users.

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will need to click "admin," and then ''users." You will then select the user you wish to look at.

2. Explanation of tabs on detail. 

There are six different tabs- Activity, Additional Details, Training, Permissions, Documents, and Notes.

Activity - This shows all activity that user has done.

Additional Details- This shows any additional details about the user that are important to show. You can add/change/edit fields by clicking on the pencil or add field icon in the top right corner.

Training - This shows all training that is assigned to and has been completed by a user. You can export the users training from here.

Permissions - Permissions shows what the user can access/view/do.

Documents- This is a central place to upload documents on a user pertaining to them. (See upload documents for more information on how to upload them).

Notes - This is a central place to keep all notes on a user. You can add new and delete.