Categories in Noviqu

What are Categories?

A category is a way to group related things. With categories you can group assets, documents, training and maintenance items by category. This can be especially helpful for reporting. 

1. How to view all categories

After you have logged into Noviqu you will need to click on the Categories menu item underneath Admin. Note: In order to view Categories your role must have the appropriate permissions to view Categories. If you do not have access to the Categories section please contact the account administrator within your organization or contact us at

Once you have navigated to you will see a grid of all current categories and where they are be applied. An example of what this might look like is below. 

2. Adding a new category

If you would like to add a new category all you need to do is click the Add New button in the top right of the category screen.

Once you have clicked the Add New button a new blank row will appear at the top of the grid with several fields for you to fill out with information about your category.

  • Name - Enter the name of the category you are creating. 
  • Color - Select a color that makes it easier to visually identity the category.
  • For Assets - Select this checkbox if the category can be used in the assets section of the system. 
  • For Documents - Select this checkbox if you would like to be able to assign the category to documents. 
  • For Safety - Select this checkbox if the category can be used in the safety section of the system. 
  • For Maintenance - Select this checkbox if the category can be used in the maintenance section of the system.
  • For Training - Select this checkbox if the category can be used in the training section of the system.

Once you have completed inputting the information for your category you can click Save.

3. Editing an existing category

If you need to edit an existing category such as change the name, change the display color or add/remove it from a section within the system just click the Edit button to the right of the category you would like to edit. Note: Removing a category from a section does not remove that category from anything that the category is assigned to.

Once you click edit the grid will look exactly like it did when you clicked the add new button. Just update the category with the new information and click save and the category will be updated. 

4. Removing (Deleting) a category

If you need to remove an existing category (delete it) just click the Delete button to the right of the category next to the edit button. Once you click the delete button you will be required to confirm that you do indeed want to delete the record. Note: By deleting the record it removes it from the ability of being used in the future. However, it does not remove it from any existing items it is assigned to.