Library - Lessons

1. Creating new Lesson.

Once you are in the Library, you will click "create" in the top right corner and click "create lesson."

2. Inputting lesson information.

Type all pertinent information, you can even add a photo to show for the lesson (any field with an asterisk is required), then click ''create lesson."

3. Lesson Detail

After you have selected "create lesson" you will be directed to another screen that has all the details about that lesson. Here, you can see assignments, offline assignments, and associations. You can also edit, assign, delete, and export from this tab (all of which will be explained further down in this segment.)

4. Creating the lesson

To create the lesson, click on the pencil icon from the left (next to the lesson name) and then click create step on the next screen. Input all pertinent information and select "create step."

Once you have done that, you will select the components you would like to add to the lesson. You can select header, editor, document, image, video, link, questions, or signature. You can drag over multiple components of the same content if you choose. When you are finished creating the lesson, select publish in the upper right hand corner. If you do not do this, the users cannot take/see the lesson.

You can also drag the lesson components into the desired order.

Header- you can put in a title.

Editor- You can put in a brief explanation about this lesson

Document- you can upload documents into the lesson

Image- you can put images into the lesson

Video- you can add videos into the lesson

Link- you can put links into the lesson that will take the user to the video/link

Question- You put in the question and answers. For questions with only one correct answer, select single under the question/answer bank. For questions with multiple correct answers, select multiple. For the correct answers, mark a * next to the correct answer(s). You can also select for the user to set the order that would be correct. here, you would put the first step as number one, second step as number two, etc. You can also select if you would like the question to be required to be answered or not and set how many points the question is worth.

Signature- you can have the user sign before they complete the lesson. You can select if you want the signature to be required or not.

5. Editing the lesson

To edit the lesson, click on the pencil icon on the left (next to the lesson name). Select "publish" from the top right of the screen to edit the training. Here you can edit the components in this lesson. Once you are finished, select "publish" to make it visible to users.

6. Assigning a Lesson

To assign a lesson, go into the desired lesson. Once there, select "assign" from the top right of the screen. From here, you can select to assign by individual or even filter by group. When assigning by group, the users will show up on the right side of the pop up box. you can choose to exclude certain users from a group, or remove a user that was accidentally added. Once that is done, you will choose the schedule for the users assigned. Select "assign" from the bottom right of the pop up.

7. Assigned users

To view the assigned users in a lesson, navigate to the specified lesson. From the main page of the lesson, you can see all the assigned users. From the right of the user, if you click "actions", you can view details, archive the user, or delete the user from the lesson.

8. Add/remove Associations

To add associations to a lesson, click on the desired lesson. From there, you will click on the "associations" tab. Then, select "add" from the top right. Here, a pop-iup box wil show up and you can add associations based on areas and assets. Once you have done that, select "save."

To remove an association, select "remove" from the right side of the association, then select "yes."