Training Tabs

1. Navigating to Training. 

Once you have logged into Noviqu, you will need to click on the training menu item in the left hand tab. Under training, you will navigate to each different training tab.

2. Explanation of tabs. 

Under the training tab, there are four options: Library, My Training, Question Bank, and Daily Training.

The Library is where you can view the library of trainings. You can filter courses/lessons, published/not published, archived/not archived, categories, and even sort the trainings. From this tab, you can also create a lesson or course from here.

My Training contains all personal training records. At the top of the page, you can view your overall progress, category progress, and the daily training question. Just below that, you can view the training you have been assigned, what's overdue, completed training, offline trainings and all trainings. There is also a search bar in the completed, offline, and all training tabs so that you can easily search for a specific training. There is also a "sort by" option under those tabs.

Question Bank contains all the Daily Training Questions.

Daily Training is daily questions that come up on the dashboard. This is where you can choose which questions rotate through as a daily question. You must have permissions set to view/edit this tab. If you do not have the permissions, you will just view the daily question in the dashboard.